June Time Trials

On June 17th we will be doing our second session of time trials. Single riders will ride unassisted on their own from a start to finish to get the lowest time. Who has the strongest legs? The “Race of Truth” will determine this, with no tactics, drafting, or encouragement, it tests a rider’s mental and physical ability as they ride solo against the clock Each rider’s finish time will be used to set a pecking order, or ranking, so that they may strive to improve in the future, or just talk trash and have something to back it up. For whatever the reason, the war is on. In 21 days, we will know who is number 2, number 6 and number 4, and also 3, 5, 7 and all the other numbers, and most importantly, who is number 1.

The number one rider will receive a trophy to keep, until of course, the next time trial session… and must defend their rank. In the coming days, watch for rider profiles, with current stats and results from the first time trial session and resulting ranking. That way you can pick your own favorite to win. (just like going to the horse track)