Italvega – Stage 2

After a lot of weird rainy weather, I was able to get on the road for an hour and try out the latest mods to the Italvega project. It has a long way to go as far as paint goes, and perhaps a real crankset, but the ride was smooth today… although I can’t say the same for my body. Long breaks away from the bike due to busy schedules and bad weather have lowered my threshold levels and taken the snap out of my pedaling. I hope to recondition myself in the next two weeks enough to do the Tour de Cure. As of today. I am within 99% of my fundraising goal of $2000. Thank you, sponsors!

While at a stoplight, a large man yelled out to me what sounded like “the floor could be tied-broken, you hear!” and I did a double take trying to interpret this omen, while the light turned green and the semi truck waiting behind me blared his horn.
Ohhh “the tour should be wide open this year!”, yes I am riding a bike, and Without Lance Armstrong, yes the Tour de France is up for the taking. So after processing, I yelled back “Yup. That’s right!” as I sanpped in the pdeals and rode away.

Technical specs:
Italvega Nuovo Sport, serial #1721, size 55cm (Italy)
Formula track hubs with Velocity Razor Rims (USA)
Original Nervar cottered steel crankset (France)
Dura Ace track cog and lockring (Japan)
Shimano “Look” pedals (Japan)
Cinelli 130mm stem and chopped model 64 handlebars (Italy)
Universal model 61 centerpull brake (Italy) with Shimano 600 aero lever and pads (Japan)
Selle Italia Turbo saddle (Italy)
Gearing: 40×15

Stage 3 will involve a shorter fork and different brake caliper. (possibly in time for Tour de Cure)
Stage 4 will involve a custom “Wheely Cool” paint job. (sometime next year)