2004 Holstein Hundred

Ok this actually happened last year, but I never put the pictures up because it was such a tough and traumatic ride for me (leg cramps), I could never put down the words to accompany the pictures. Since Steve is going to be doing it this weekend, I figured to put them up finally and show the world what it it takes to put Willis in his place.

2005 Tour de Peninsula

We had a really good sized group at the start of this ride. This is a fairly well promoted ride and there are usually big turnouts of riders of all levels. The course is somewhat odd, having a coned-off lane and going on heavily trafficked roads, including a jaunt on a bike path. But it’s a ride the Wheely Cool Velo Club has been doing since inception, so remains as a traditional obligation, and usually is quite fun.
Present at the start with our group were: Louis, Steve, Dina, Kevin, Paige, Heidi, Don, Gen, Jeff, Paul, Willis, and Alicia. We were together for at least half of the ride, but for various reasons, the group did get a little smaller, but wasn’t any less fun. I had a good time riding it with my track bike on a fixed gear of 67.5 inches. The hills were tough, but manageable. My whole body is sore today, though.

Weekly Cool Velo Club

Ming and Steve have started a new weekly ride in Palo Alto, and the turnout has been great so far! We start at the Alpine Inn (aka “Zotts”) in Woodside on Wednesdays at 6pm, and ride the Portola Loop. Afterwards, we eat there and have beer in the outside beer garden around back. Do you ride, drink beer, or sit for long periods of time relaxing? All comers are welcome! Nobody gets dropped.