Todays ride was real windy. Tom Walker took the wind hard and lead most of the way for us against the wind. He seemed to have something up his sleeve for Dino for the last hill on Sand hill. Unfortunately the the wind took its toll and he faded before the downhill. As usual Dino and Kevin lead the way. I tried keeping up but couldnthalfway up sandhill. The downhill before the last uphill was pretty fast since we had a slight tailwind. I was in the 30-35 range but i knew Dino and Kevin must have hit 40mphs.The last 1/2 mile was a sprint by the three started at the last rolling hill after stanford golf course. I think Tom initiated it but couldnt finish it. Kevin and Dino seemed to be working in concert together. Ebony and Ivory in the making. Nice weather about 75 and gust of 20-25 m

I’m looking forward to this time trial, it kinda puts some things in perspective. I know some riders are looking to move up in the ranking. I’ve actually tested Tom abit on hills and sprints, since he is seated number 3, to see where he may fall in. I think other riders have taken noticed to this. I myself feel I will be ready by June 17th for the test. Yes, as you can see on other posting and comments I’ve heard, the trash talking war has begun (all in good fun).

Yesterday, we rode Sandhill Road, we usually ride Sandhill aggressively to challenge each other, yesterday I felt good and had a good pace going uphill. Funny thing happened, as I was going uphill aggressively, I first thought the group was on my tail, half way up I realized I was alone and was ahead, I decided to try to maintain my pace and keep the distance. Two thirds up the hill, I heard a metallic sound as if someone was changing gear, I first thought Kevin was making his move, I decided I would attempt to fend him off, since at times Kevin can really be strong. As I stood out of my saddle to apply more pressure on Kevin, try as I could, again I heard the metallic sound keeping up with me even as I tried pulling away. At this point, I’m asking myself “what kind of pace does Kevin have going?” I decide to take a peek and suddenly realized that no one was even near me and that the metallic sound I heard were my keys in my back jersey pocket. I guess the keys acted as a self motivator.

I like this willis but usually when you talk trash online people dont know you. with this one dino is just two feet away from me and he would know whos talking trash about him

June Time Trials

On June 17th we will be doing our second session of time trials. Single riders will ride unassisted on their own from a start to finish to get the lowest time. Who has the strongest legs? The “Race of Truth” will determine this, with no tactics, drafting, or encouragement, it tests a rider’s mental and physical ability as they ride solo against the clock Each rider’s finish time will be used to set a pecking order, or ranking, so that they may strive to improve in the future, or just talk trash and have something to back it up. For whatever the reason, the war is on. In 21 days, we will know who is number 2, number 6 and number 4, and also 3, 5, 7 and all the other numbers, and most importantly, who is number 1.

The number one rider will receive a trophy to keep, until of course, the next time trial session… and must defend their rank. In the coming days, watch for rider profiles, with current stats and results from the first time trial session and resulting ranking. That way you can pick your own favorite to win. (just like going to the horse track)

new blog launched

Welcome to the new blog for the Wheely Cool Velo Club. Here you can find updates on our cycling club, events, ride stories, pictures, cycling information. Whatever sounds good.